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X MANDY LANDA COO Started with Amara in 2020, Ms. Landa is on a mission to make us better, more efficient and turn everything into a system. She also manages our suppliers and productions. She’s a former software engineer at Silicon Valley, working at Microsoft and several other technology companies. Most recently the Director of Operations at Milk Makers, a breastfeeding lactation company she brought to scale with the founder before they sold to Munchkin. JESSICA STURZENEGGER CEO Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Bucknell University with a major in Economics. Studied at Stanford University Graduate School of Business in their ignite program. Leads the vision behind Amara and is determined to get into every household in the US. With a PhD in nutrition, Dr. Schiess studied childhood nutrition for 5 years before joining Amara. She brings a wealth of experience in clinics, hospitals, independent consulting and university research having authored several papers that cover childhood nutrition and its importance in the first five years of life. DR. SONIA SCHIESS, PHD. CTO 22 The Amara Team A team of passionate female founders and female led innovators.