Eat Well Investment Group Inc. Investor Deck

28 Market Comparables 9 Eat Well trades at 1.6x EV/ ‘21 revenue versus similarly high growth and Better-ForYou names at 8.0x EV’21 revenue VALUATION: All share prices as of close June 10, 2022 All figures in CAD Eat Well’s Financial Forecast refer’s to it’s Investee companies forecasts Eat Well’s Investee companies generated 1.47MM in Net Earnings in 2021 COMPARABLES NAME ENTERPRISE VALUE REVENUE 2021 REVENUE 2022 EBITDA 2021 EBITDA 2022 METRICS EV/’21 REV METRICS EV/’22 REV AVERAGE EAT WELL GROUP SIMPLY GOOD FOODS CO. BEYOND MEAT OATLY GROUP THE TATTOOED CHEF GURU ORGANIC ENERGY CORP. ELSE NUTRITION THE VERY GOOD FOOD CO. $1.7B $94.6MM $5.6B $2.7B $2.8B $680MM $271MM $120MM $64MM $1.05B $581MM $804MM $267MM $30.5MM $4.7MM $12.2MM $1.43B $709MM $1.11B $350M $36.5MM $14.7M NA $287.1MM -$172.4MM -$233.2MM -$42.1MM -$11.9MM -$12.9MM -$53.7MM NA NA NA NA NA NA NA 5.4X 4.6X 3.5X 2.5X 8.9X 25.6X 5.2X 3.9X 3.8X 2.6X 1.9X 7.4X 8.2X NA . $57.9MM $90-110MM NA NA 4.6X 0.9X 8.0X 1.6X