PowerTap (MOVE) Corporate Media Kit

Technology Onsite/Offsite Production Cost of Production per kg Key Raw Materials Offsite SMR & CSD 2 Compression, Storage & Delivery. Gray Hydrogen Offsite $11.48 2 Natural Gas Electrolysis Green Hydrogen Onsite Offsite $9-$11 3 Electricity 4 PowerTap Onsite SMR 5 Blue Hydrogen Onsite Under $2 3 Renewable Natural Gas Hydrogen Production Alternatives 1 1 Source: Levelized Cost of Production Calculated by EIN using data from “California Power-to-Gas and Power-to-Hydrogen Near-Term Business Case Evaluation” Eichman, Josh, Flores-Espino, Francisco, National Renewable Energy Laboratory 2 Cost to individual Station Owner : Most Hy dr ogen fueling stations buy and ship offsite Hydrogen from chemical companies 3 Excludes maintenance costs and carbon credit benefits 4 Greater than 60% of USA electricity generated from fossil fuels 5 Types of Hydrogen: https://powertapfuels.com/pdf/WSJ_Hydrogen_Overview_Oct_2020.pdf