PowerTap (MOVE) Corporate Media Kit

PowerTap Onsite SMR is Cheaper and Greener than Onsite Electrolysis in USA Electricity more expensive in the USA than some parts of Europe. Electricity Grid is also more fossils fuels-based (65%+) in North America vs Europe; where wind and solar green electricity is more abundant. Renewable natural gas and natural gas are abundant and inexpensive resources in North America. Newer Carbon capture technologies make renewable natural gas-based Hydrogen a greener solution in North America than Electrolysis. 1 Electrolysis may be cost e ffective in certain European markets, where green electricity and government subsidies are present. PowerTap Hydrogen costs under $2/kg : lowest in North America. 1 Electrolysis may be too expensive in USA https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nikola-truck-hydrogen-stations- electricity-194418949.html