PowerTap (MOVE) Corporate Media Kit

Building the largest Hydrogen Fueling Station Network Hydrogen vehicles have major advantages over battery electric, gas and diesel vehicles (driving range, fueling time and cost per mile) Billions of dollars of hydrogen trucks and cars expected on the market in next 24 -36 months from incumbents (Toyota, Daimler/Volvo etc) and upstarts (Nikola) in next 36 months The Hydrogen market is expected to be a $130 billion dollar market in the USA by 2030 and create 700,000+ jobs Lack of hydrogen fueling stations in USA (under 70 consumer stations now) is the huge infrastructure opportunity with 1000s needed in the next 3-5 years PowerTap has multiple patents and is most advanced, cost effective and truly green hydrogen station solution with >$50 million of invested capital Competitive hydrogen production technologies are too expensive and not truly green as advertised Attractive debt solutions leverage equity invested in PowerTap stations in partnership with existing gas/truck stop owners for quicker deployment starting in 2021 California hydrogen infrastructure carbon credits generate attractive cash flow even prior to commercial sales of hydrogen Hydrogen’s time is now due to clean tech revolution and economic advantages over incumbent technologies Public and Private capital embracing hydrogen technologies worldwide Partnership with the Andretti Group gives PowerTap the first-move advantage in the industry.