PowerTap (MOVE) Corporate Media Kit

Inexpensive with fueling credits offered by vehicle manufacturers Lower costs currently and no fueling incentives Pollutant Emission Vehicles Lifecycle Charging Time Infrastructure Fuel Costs Types of Operations No emission No emission > 10 years 5-10 minutes 5-10 minutes Limited, but the number of hydrogen stations is increasing. There are currently 40 stations in California A few strategically located refueling stations (e.g. at the ports and along the freight corridors) can satisfy most of the fuel cell truck refueling needs - Near dock operation - Local operation - Regional operation - Near dock operation - Local operation - Regional operation Around 10 years Lots of pollutant emissions Plentiful Need to replace battery after several years use 1 hour plus Limited high power stations (350Kw) for heavy duty vehicles 120Kw and under charging stations plentiful along west coast Battery weight and range become significant concerns for regional and longer operations Hydrogen FCEV BEV (TESLA) Gas/Diesel Hydrogen FCEV vs. Alternative Fuels Comparable to Hydrogen FCEV but no government incentives available