Eat Well Investment Group Inc. Investor Deck

X • Founded in 1978 with over 40 years of legacy and global growth • $58,661,758 in ‘21 revenue, and in April 2022, Belle expanded production from 93,000 up to 115,000 metric tonnes of pulse crops annually (July 31st Year Ends) • High grade manufacturing equipment and proprietary customization for efficient processing • Company culture built from decades of success • Eat Well's proteins, starches, and fiber are now common ingredients in many everyday CPG products from crackers, snacks, pastas, breads, plant-based meats, and milks/ beverages The acquisition of Belle Pulses Ltd. firmly establishes Eat Well as a global leader in the plant-based food supply-chain Belle Pulses Ltd. $62,595,905 Revenue In 2020 “In 2020, the company had its busiest year ever, running 24 hours a day, fve days a week, to keep up with surging demand,” commented Tony Gaudet, Belle Pulses founder and CEO. “Growing demand for the company’s split peas has prompted numerous expansions.” 13