Eat Well Investment Group Inc. Investor Deck

Eat Well’s wholly owned Sapientia Technology Inc. provides access to vast amounts of foodtech and IP across all product categories. Sapientia is an industry-leading processing and forming technologies company that creates the latest generation of delicious, high nutrition, high taste & texture plant-based foods. Products include plant-based snacks, plant-based dairy milks & yogurts, and pulse-based “puffed/twisted” snack foods, prioritizing high protein, low fat, nutritious products with delicious taste & texture, for both human and pet foods. Sapientia is led by Dr. Eugenio Bortone, a preeminent food scientist with a Ph.D. in Food Engineering, an MS in Nutrition, 25 issued patents, and over 25 years of food, snack foods, pet foods, formulation, product development, process scale-up, and commercialization experience. DR. EUGENIO BORTONE 25 PATENTS Ph.D. FOOD ENGINEERING INVENTED THE TWISTED CHEETO 14 FoodTech Investment SAPIENTIA TECHNOLOGY INC.