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X 5 WE DON’T JUST SERVE THE VEGAN MARKET, WE SERVE THE ENTIRE MARKET Omnivorous, 65% Flexitarian, 29% Veg / Vegan, 6% Key Trends in Alternative Meat PART 1 PLANT-BASED IS GROWING 5X FASTER THAN TOTAL FOOD SALES ________________________ Source: Good Food Institute (GFI), World Resources Institute “Creating a Sustainable Food Future”, United Nations “Livestock’s Long Shadow”, UN FAO, FDA, IMS Health and United Nations IAGC. Growth in plant-based foods augmented by consumers buying animal & plant-based meats 93% of consumers in grocery stores that buy Beyond Meat products also put animal meat in their basket 95%+ of people who order Impossible Burger regularly consume animal products (i.e., aren’t vegan), and most are not vegetarians either Total Plant-Based Food Marker Total Food Market 11% 2% 5% Plant-based foods now taste great! “With the appropriate condiments and a good bun, you could fool a carnivore.” - LA Times on Impossible Burgers