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Key Trends in Alternative Meat RISE OF PLANT-BASED IN U.S CHAIN LOCATIONS NOVEL PROTEINS AND INGREDIENTS ▪ First wave of plant-based foods were comprised of soy and wheat; next wave of innovators finding new ways to optimize protein content and functionality ▪ Beyond Meat – pea protein as a protein base ▪ Impossible – plant-based proteins made with Heme ▪ JUST – mung beans used for their liquid eggs ▪ Trophic and Triton Algae – unlocking red algae as a source of amino acids, coloration and functionality ▪ InnovoPro – chickpea protein ingredient ▪ Plantible – duckweed protein as an egg white replacement BurgerFi: 100 locations TGI Friday’s: 470 locations A&W Canada: 925 locations Carl’s Jr: 1,100 locations White Castle: 570 locations Red Robin: 570 locations Del Taco: 580 locations Tim Horton’s: 4,000 locations Subway: 685 locations Burger King: 7,330 locations Dunkin’: 9,000 locations 2016 2017 2018 2019 25,165 ________________________ Source: GFI, SPINSscan Natural and Specialty Gourmet, SPINSscan Conventional Multi Outlet (powered by IRI), Mattson and publicly available information. 6 PART 2